The LROC Club House was closed in April of 2020.




What is the LROC Club House?

The LROC Club House is a large garage that is owned by one of our members. While the Club House is still in it's beginning stages, it is currently open to the entire off-highway community to use for vehicle repairs, modifications, education events and meetings. Please see the FAQ below or contact us at with your questions.

Be sure to check out our Donation Center too for new and gently used parts.

 Club House FAQ

Q.) Do you need to know a secret password?

A.) No! But you will need to know the security code and the garage code.

Q.) Are boys allowed?

A.) Yes! The Club House is for the community, not just women.

Q.) Can anyone use the Club House?

A.) Yes! This is a community garage, so all are welcomed. Please note we do not allow children under the age of 16 and no pets please.

Q.) Do you have a lift?

A.) Not at this time.

Q.) Is the Club House heated and cooled?

A.) Currently the heat is only running when the Club House is in use. No AC, but it does have windows, doors and fans for air circulation.

Q.) Does the Club House have tools?

A.) We have the basics and some specialty tools. We prefer if you do not bring your own so that your tools and the Club House tools do not get mixed up.

Q.) Does LROC pay for the Club House?

A.) No funds from LROC have ever been used to create or maintain the Club House.

Q.) What are the rules?

A.) There are only four rules: No children under the age of 16, No dogs, No alcohol while working on vehicles, No taking anything that does not belong to you.

Q.) Is the Club House secure?

A.) Yes, the Club House has a security system and cameras.

Q.) How do I  reserve the Club House?

A.) Currently the Club House is not open 24/7 and we do not have a way to reserve the space online. For now, reach out directly to Angela Hinkley or to


Thank You!

The garage was unfinished, in the process of being wired for electricity, and almost empty when the vision of the LROC Club House was born.

The amazing off-highway community came together to help get the space usable by donating their time  and material goods. We would like to thank the following people for their generosity:

Gem and Leo Kuether (some of the tools, a heater, a press, 3 shelving units, 1 tool box and a broom and dust pan), Kathryn and Rusty Spoor (rental costs of the lift), Richard Simons (primer and paint), Gayle Larson (lights and antiseize), and Holly Johnson (towels and hand cleaner) for donations of material goods.

The following people donated many hours of their time putting up plywood, instulation, and painting: Gem Kuether, Kathryn Spoor, Rusty Spoor, Christopher Frizzell, David Knutson, Misty Hakes, Morgan Wendt, Crystal Kerklow, Holly Johnson and Corie Anderson.

We appreciate your support of LROC and the off-highway community.