Donation Center

Have take off parts that someone else can use? Looking for a used part for your rig? The LROC community Donation Center at the LROC Club House is a perfect place to drop off your parts and shop for new-to-you parts!

We only take parts in good and safe condition. All parts are free of charge. All that we ask is that you pay if forward. It's a bonus if you want to install it at the LROC Club House!

If you are interested in an item from the list, or have an inuqiry, please contact us. Please note, we are unable to hold items.


Current Inventory

  • Set of JK factory rear side panels
  • 1 JKU/JK factory inner fender liners
  • 1 JKU front and rear factory bumper
  • 1 Passenger Dana 30 axel shaft (JKU/JK/TJ)
  • 1 factory TJ front drive shafts
  • 4 3"JKU/TJ springs
  • Set of Factory JKU rear lights
  •  1 factory JKU passenger side mirror (new)
  • 2 sets of YJ/TJ factory side mirrors (new) (used)
  • Set of rear JK/JKU rear factory door latches (white)
  • 1 set of red aftermarket door grab handles
  • 1 Steel cable winch line
  • 1 JKU Serpentine belt (new)
  • Factory rear tow hook JKU/JK
  • 1 Rugged Ridge X-Clamp mounting system (new)
  •  2 tools bags (new) (used)