Let's Clear Up the Confusion!

Myth: LROC is a group of "man haters"!
Fact: We love and appreciate the men that support women in the sport!

Myth: LROC believes in segregation!
Fact: Um, no. We promote women in the sport and encourage women to participate in off-road activities with the community; men, women and children. Many of our members are members of other male dominant male clubs. We have all wheeled with men on the trails and host family friendly off-road events on a regular basis.

Myth: LROC is a feminist group!
Truth: Wrong again. We are not fighting for equal rights to the trails - that's just weird. We've never seen a trail that only allows men.

Guardrails for LROC Supporters:

If you are a male in our community and want to support what we are doing, here are some simple and easy ways to have our back.

1.) Don't respond! We love having you as part of our community and engaged in conversation, but when you respond to questions it can prevent a female from responding. It's like that kid in the class that always has the answer and puts his hand up first. The teacher knows that others in the room have the answer and are just not participating. Put your hand down and let a lady throw up theirs!

2.) Let Us Do the Work! The only way we are going to learn is if you get out of the way! Teach, lead, guide, coach, but do not do the work! If we are on the trails or in the shop, many of us need the hands-on practice to make perfect.

3.) Ask, Do Not Assume! Don't assume anything, just ask. Ask if we want help, ask how we want to be helped, and ask what we need at that moment. We are all at different levels of experience and we all have different needs. Just ask.

4.) Let's Us Be Our Own Hero! We are not damsels in distress. We are not looking for our knights in shining armor. We need to fail. We need to struggle. We need to learn. We need to succeed! (Exception, if you see a safety concern, please speak up.)

5.) Pull Out the Pom Poms! When we conquer that obstacle, we want you there at the top giving us a high-five! Tell us you are proud, give us a hug, and share in our excitement.

6.) For the Love of....Take a Photo! One of the greatest compliments is a good photo of us in our rigs. Seriously, we will treasure it forever. Please pull out your phone and take a couple of photos and videos of us having fun!