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That's okay! We want you to be confident in your decision that Ladies Rock Off-Road Club is the right place for you! We always recommend that you find out about others experiences and take them into consideration when making decisions. Hear what our members, followers and supporters have to say...

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"This is a passionate group of women empowering and encouraging women to break out of their comfort zones and educating them along the way. I have been on the fringes for a few years, but never a formal member. It's about time I give back to a community that encouraged me to begin."

"Kids are gone and the new man in my life is huge support of me doing this...I knew I would make lifelong friends in this group..."

"I am and extremely shy introvert that is trying to get out there and enjoy more things. I was so excited when I found a female off-roading group! I never felt judged for being a beginner and they helped me make sure I was ready and knew what to do. They were very welcoming, knowledgeable and everyone was helping everyone! I love all the female representation and support."

"I loved seeing all the posts of women doing kickass things, lifting each other up, and cheering each other on! It seemed like a fun group and it's so cool to have something for us gals in the sport."
"I recently moved to the Twin Cities, and after doing some reading on the local clubs, LROC is definitely the coolest one!"

"Rode along with them several times last summer. A fun and extremely helpful group for people only wheeling for a few years. A very full schedule to choose from. Learned so much and had such a good time at the recovery class"

"I just want to take a few moments of your time to say thank you! Thank you, to all of the ladies I have met from this club, for making me feel welcome here. I know I'm a little weird, loud, shocking, mouthy, out there, crazy, and outrageous so it isnt always easy for me to feel like I belong. After this weekend I have to make sure you all know how much I appreciate the acceptance. You guys are awesome! I dont claim to know everything but I will always try and take the time to answer any questions that you guys have. I hope that by sharing my experiences with you that it helps you all gain confidence with all that you choose to do."

"I met great people the first time in River Falls, was a little discouraged at first, but then at Chetek had a blast with these ladies. I have been talked in to joining and learning more."

"I already have met some amazing friends and it is a great group!"

“I am not originally from MN, I grew up in Boston, MA. Trying to break into a group of friends who have known each other since pre-K has been a challenge. This is a great way to meet other women with a common interest. I want to learn more about my jeeps and not feel dependent on my husband. Honey it makes this whirr sound. Fix it.”

“I heart the family feel, and all the amazing women. They are all soo inspirational and amazing!!”

“I was a woman who had never been in the driver seat before. I was scared, nervous and super excited! All the ladies in the club were so welcoming and friendly. I felt very comfortable going out in the tails that day and I knew I wanted to be a part of this "family"”

“To be able to bring the rush of joy & accomplishment & fun to other women getting into the sport. Everyone was so awesome my 1st time out- I wanted to be a part of that!”

“I came across a flyer for LROC at Iron Rock Off Road and loved the idea of the group!”

“Women supporting women in a badass hobby? Count me in.”

“This community is amazing - women working with each other, not against each other. It's great to have a place to go to get educated on all things Jeep. It can be intimidating when you're new to off-roading, there is so much to learn. It's nice to have someone in your corner.”

“It sounds great that women are supporting each other.”

“I’ve only been off road with my son and since he is in the military there are limitations. I want to get together with others, learn about my Jeep and have fun.”

“To learn, share the love of Jeeps (or other OHVs), adventure and friendship with others.”

“Angela is awesome! Great group of women and lots of events from education to wheeling.”

“Okay. I was a victim of a high-speed wrong way driver on highway 212 in May. It was an unavoidable head on collision. I’m still healing, and need to work on what’s going on in my head as well as my injuries. My job requires a lot of driving, so that wasn’t easy, but I got back in the driver’s seat 4 days later. My replacement vehicle is my Jeep because I wanted a tank, obviously. 🙂 No day but today, right? I want to learn how to work on him, take care of him, and use him right, and hopefully make some friends too!!!”

“Looking for Minnesota people to ride and learn with!”

“LROC is about empowerment. I have never been so accepted by a group! Everyone I have met, has been warm, giving and genuine! Supporting each other to achieve and embrace what we know and for what we don't know.”

“Meet more women that enjoy rock crawling!”

“Many reasons, it is a chance to meet other ladies who are interested in a hobby that can be mostly male dominated. Also, if I can give back by being a part of LROC in some way, and support other females it would be rewarding to see females grow within the four wheel drive community.”

“To meet new ladies that love to off-road and be outdoors. To be in a group where I can feel comfortable being myself, asking questions, and trying to work on my Jeep without a dude telling me I'm doing it wrong!”

“Great community of ladies and the great leadership of Angela Hinkley.”

“To be surrounded by ladies that are positive & helpful to a newbie like myself!”

“Not going to lie I joined LROC because it was a lady-based club. When talking to the ladies they made me feel comfortable. I as a person need to grow in the off road world and feel this group has and will help me in succeeding in that goal.”

“Because I've been in this sport for such a long time, I knew how most clubs worked and saw that LROC was different than that. I met LROC's founder shortly before the club started and was excited from the start. I love what LROC has become and can't wait to see our dreams come true!”

“To be a part of a group of badass women and to get out wheeling for my first time!”

“Camaraderie, learn more about my vehicle, looks like you all have so much fun!”

“Knowing I joined the very first women's off-road organization was a great feeling!”

“To make new friends who enjoy the same things I do and have fun doing it.”

“I love how inspiring all of you are, and am planning on hopefully next year trail riding Wisconsin with you all.”

“I have always wanted to but just starting out. I would say the LROC is helping me get into it.”

“I love the fact you are promoting woman drivers, and teaching ways to get better.”