Executive Committee

Ladies Rock Off-Road Club (LROC) is led by a committee within the organization; our CEO, CFO, and Board of Directors. These individuals volunteer their time to make decisions that navigate the direction of the club based on our members needs and takes on assignments as needed. All members of the Executive Committee are voted into their roles by LROC members.

Pit Crew

The LROC Pit Crew is a group of members that volunteer their time to support the clubs mission, vision and goals. This team helps support the daily operations, promotes and advocates for women in the sport, recruits new members and helps make new members feel welcomed. All members of the Pit Crew are appointed by the Executive Committee.



Meet Your Fearless Leaders

We are an organization led by women, for women.

Cristal Mroczek


Hello, I am Cristal Mroczek the CEO of Ladies Rock Off-Road Club, member of the MN4WDA, and member of Ladies Offroad Network. I work as an Executive Assistant at a Medical Device Company.  As CEO of LROC, I hope to help educate and empower the women in our club the best I can, as well as be there to lend a hand whenever possible!

Back in 1995, I bought my first Jeep Wrangler YJ (1989 used) and now I rock a 2019 manual 4-Door JL Rubicon and I’m 100% in love with it. I spend almost every weekend I can off-roading with my family and friends. I absolutely love this club. I never, in a million years, would have thought I would be able to do half of the things I can do without the support and encouragement of my LROC family.

Fun facts: I climbed Mount Fuji in July of 2019 (the Fujinomiya Trail) – only 1% of the population can say that!  I also can deal casino blackjack, which is a pretty fun party trick!

When I’m not off-roading, I love to hang with my family and friends, work on my Jeep, do housework and listen to old-school hip-hop. I’m happily married to a Jeep Grand Cherokee owner, Toby. Together we have five children - Eva (23), Ethan (21), Josh (20), Ella (19) and Olivia (17) and a little Maltese-bichon pup Ryland. We live in Blaine, MN.

I look forward to seeing you out on the trails!

Cristal and Ruby (1)

Kristina (Kris) Bowe


I am Kris Bowe, and am the CFO of LROC, and a member of LON (Ladies Off-road Network) and the MN4WDA.  I am also a CPA and a member of the MNCPA society.  I work as a Controller for an global investment consulting firm and love my work.  I also serve as the Finance Chair for my church leadership team.  I have the awesome opportunity of getting to work hard AND play hard and have a great family that backs me up and has just as much fun when we are playing.  When not wheeling, I love to travel, read and LAUGH.

My first vehicle ever was a manual Grand Cherokee that an ex-Viking had owned.  I had one weekend to learn how to drive it so that I could haul myself off to school.  When I started off-roading it was in the passenger seat and as a spotter.  Around 2013 I started participating in ladies runs and in June 2017 I purchased my own jeep.  I just couldn’t let my husband have all the fun.  I am grateful for the experience in the passenger seat. It taught me to be a better spotter and I was able to gain a lot of experience and knowledge without the intimidation of sitting behind the wheel.  I like driving even more!  Now, I am the owner of a beautiful red 1997 TJ, named Axle.  He’s a beast that is growly as heck and won’t fit in any parking ramps, but loves wheeling. 

In 2018, I participated in the Ladies Offroad Network Challenge and was chosen as a top ten challenge winner.  From there I was chosen as one of the top three ladies getting to participate in a national off-road event with Ladies Offroad Network. I was able to travel to Glamis and participate in Camp RZR, which was an absolute blast, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the UTV world. 

I’m married to a fellow jeep enthusiast, Mike, who owns a black 1998 ZJ (Humpty).  We have two girls Grace (16) and Addie (12), who also love off-roading with us.  Grace just purchased her first jeep, also a 1998 ZJ, and is currently working on re-building it with Mike.  Which means we have a lot of jeeps on our tiny lot.  We live in Richfield, MN and while I absolutely love the convenience of the city life, I silently long for more room in the country.    Traditionally we have done most of our wheeling in the MN and WI areas, however we have plans to get outside of the Midwest and do some wheeling trips in other parts of the U.S.  Let the next adventure begin!

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Chris Talley

Board of Directors


I became a Facebook Follower of LROC in 2018 and went to my first LROC event in March 2019. Since that first Winter off road adventure in my 1989 YJ “Clifford” the entire Talley family has been hooked. Our youngest and all his friends come camping and are now LROC supporter too, pulling winch lines, hooking up recovery lines, and spotting.

I have always owned a Jeep branded vehicle as my daily driver, in full disclosure, my very first vehicle that I owned was a 1985 Bronco II that I owned about 6 months. I owned one of the first XJs and one of the last. I owned an 1984 XJ, after an engine replacement and just about every other part replaced,  I drove it until  that little Jeep could go no more, I had well over 200K on it. My next Jeep purchase was a 2001 XJ, same color- same features, just had more than a barely working heater and I didn’t have to lift the hood and put a screwdriver in the carb to get it to start daily. Unfortunately, an 18 year old not paying attention and ran a red light at 55 mph ended the life of that 2001 XJ. So it was off to find another vehicle. Jeep no longer made the XJ. What was I going to do… I basically had the same vehicle for 17 years. But I found a close match in the 2006 XK- Commander, which at almost 180,000 miles is still going strong! I got my 1989 YJ known as Clifford, the Big Red Dog, about 3 years ago as a Mother’s Day gift, he was already lifted and had 35” tires, but since then our boys stripped him down and we had him repainted and replaced the engine, and put 37” tires on him, added a winch and replaced a couple other things here and there and take him for a cruise around the lakes and out to woods to run as much as possible.

I have been Outdoor enthusiast since I was about 14 years old when I attended my Environmental Education Summer Camp. I pursued a career as the Environmental Education Director at a Minnesota Nature Center for about 10 years, where I went on Nature Walks with Preschoolers and Snowshoed all winter with Elementary Students and adults. I moved to the Minneapolis area after commuting for almost 6 years from Duluth to be with the love of my life, partner and biggest supporter, Blake. We have had many different kinds of adventures over our years together. We fielded a Sportbike racing team and did track days as well as street rides. For fun on two wheels in the winter, we raced pit bikes at a local indoor Go Kart Track. Our youngest has been on two wheels since he could sit up. He wanted to ride his motorcycle out in the woods and my husband got a dirt bike and immediately came home and bought me a dirt bike. We ride as much as we can on dirt bikes as a family in Minnesota and a few times to Texas and Missouri. We also ride scooters and street bikes as much as we can.

I have been an outdoor enthusiast all my life became a LROC Pit Crew Member in October 2019 to pursue my next outdoor adventure on Four Wheels!



Annabella Paul

Board of Directors

Hi I'm Annabella. I'm a member of LROC and a LROC Board of Directors. I'm married to an awesome jeep enthusiast, Jesse, and we have 5 kids all together. We all (except our 5 year old) love offroading. We got our first jeep about 8 years ago just for fun. We would go, more overlanding, and mudding. We got into trail riding 2 years ago with some friends. We rode with them memorial weekend to see what it was all about and we loved it. We both had jeeps at home at this time and after that weekend we literally went home and tore mine apart to build it up for the ladies run that launched LROC. We took the month to put a 4.5" lift in it, tires and LOTS of frame work. Her name was patches. We were up till 5am the day of the run to finish her up and we went. It was my very first time driving and I absolutely fell in love with the sport. I loved the challenges, the community and the commoradory of the jeep community.

Outside of offroading, I'm currently a school bus driver. I'm also the director of FLAAA's modified pitch softball program, I teach on wednesdays at church along with being involved in a few other ministries, I run my own custom vinyl creations business and I have my associates degree in criminal justice which I hope to start pursuing a career in soon.
Our kids all have their own dirt bikes, and atvs. They love driving and playing whatever they can and they can't wait to get their own jeep someday.
I love working in the shop with my husband who has taught me everything I know about my rigs and more. I am currently, again, building my new jeep for the ladies weekend of wheeling event. I love LROC and everything it stands for. I enjoy meeting all the new people and helping new drivers get comfortable with and learn their rigs, along with teaching other ladies how to work on their own rigs.
20190514_212118_1557891331984 (1)

Jen McGill

Board of Directors


Bio forthcoming!

Misty Hakes

Pit Crew

Meet Misty Hakes! She resides in Kensett Iowa with her husband, children and two fur babies. She is a member of Ladies Off-Road Network, North Iowa Jeep Club and MN4WDA. Currently employed for the last 14 years at NSB Bank as a lending assistant and part time at Worth Brewing Company for the past 10 years.

Misty bought her first Jeep in 2016. She was lucky enough to score a 2001 Jeep Wrangler which she named Vern but her husband Tom seems to call her Seizure. They have done A LOT of modifications to her since she came into their lives. To name a few they have added heavy duty bumpers, a winch, bigger tires, axels, gears, lifted her up a bit and added a sound system just to name a few. The list keeps going on and is never ending. Misty has not been in the off road scene very long but she has loved every experience. Moab Easter Jeep Safari was one of her favorites.

Her husband is an off road enthusiast also. He not only supports her and encourages Misty with everything she does he is also a huge supporter of LROC. When she is not out on the trails Misty enjoys days in the shop working on their rigs, camping, reading, motorcycles, traveling and most outdoor activities. They are always up to something. As Misty’s mom would say “There is no grass growing under our feet”.

Misty can’t wait to meet more ladies and fellow off roaders that share the same passion as she does at future events. If you see her out there make sure you say Hi!


Morgan Wendt

Pit Crew

I'm Morgan Wendt, a proud member of the LROC Pit Crew. I'm a full-time college student, majoring in Biology and pursuing a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. I will graduate in 2020 and hope to find employment with the Minnesota DNR. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, camping, hanging out with my dogs, and of course, wheeling! I currently wheel a heavily modified 1997 Jeep Wrangler lovingly named B.J., which stands for Buggy Junior. There isn't much left on it that's from the original Jeep, hence it's name. BJ was a hand-me-down from my dad when we decided to build his buggy. We have always enjoyed all aspects of this sport together and aren't often spotted without one another.
I also volunteer with the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association as their Membership Director, and have sat on the Board of Directors in the past. I find that LROC and the MN4WDA overlap in a lot of ways and I look forward to working more with that overlap! LROC's goals and values are very similar to my own and to my work with the MN4WDA, and I can't wait to contribute to LROC's growth and development. The club has already done so much in such a short time and I'm excited to see what the future holds for us!
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Gayle Larson

Pit Crew

Bio forthcoming - stay tuned!

Tanya Manhart

Pit Crew

I’m Tanya Manhart, I live in Somerset, WI with my husband and two sons.  I work a full-time job at Specialty Rolled Metals in Eagan, MN a distribution center for stainless steel and aluminum as an inside sales representative.

I was first introduced to off-roading when my husband bought his 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in 2017.  In 2019, I attended the Women’s Weekend of Wheeling with my 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. That really gave me the bug to get my own wrangler to off-road.  So, I purchased my first Jeep Wrangler in 2020, a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sport (JK) named Ursula and was lucky to score this jeep with a 3inch lift and 33inch tires already on it.  You are pretty much guaranteed to see my fur baby Tex riding shotgun with me.  I enjoy wheeling at Frontenac Farms, Dresser, WI, Gilbert, and the Black Hills, SD.  Looking forward to experience Moab, UT.

Can’t wait to meet and make new friends who share the off-road passion.

Tanya Manhardt

Becky Friesen

Pit Crew

Becky was introduced to the sport by her boyfriend in 2019.  She has a 2021 Jeep Willy's Gladiator and loves going to Jeep theme nights at restaurants/bars, taking it out on fun runs, fundraiser runs, or taking it out on the trails -- she loves this life!  She also overlands!  She dreams of one day wheeling/overlanding in Colorado or Utah.  Her theme song is "Blue on Black" by FFDP and her favorite quote is "Go Big or Go Home".